11 Ladder Plant Stand Deco Ideas

Create a Vertical Garden with a Vintage Stepladder and your favorite Flowers and Herbs

The idea of upcycling an old wooden ladder as a pot stand is mostly used as a solution for small spaces.

Your tiny balcony, a small back yard, even your own living room, can be totally transformed into a space of greenery and fresh air.

Colorful pots, bright flowers, fresh herbs for your cooking. The possibilities are endless.

The ladder itself is participating in the space transformation. Painted either in a bright color (so as to stand out) or a more soft one (so it can totally fit into the surroundings)

Here are 11 Deco Ideas with Ladder Plant Stands for your eyes only

1. Paint it Pink

Pink Ladder Plant Stand

2. Play with Pastel Colored Pots

Pastel Pots on Stepladder Plant Stand

3. Plant your Herb Garden on this Wooden Ladder

Ladder Plant Stand with Herb Pots

 4. Fresh up the interior with a White Ladder Stand

Ladder Flower Stand in the Living Room

 5. Use Bright Colored Pot Deco

Vintage Ladder Plant Stand and Neon Pebbles

6. Add a pop of Vintage Look

Vintage styled Flower Ladder Stand

 7. Sometimes, less is more, when it comes to interior

Minimal Interior Plant Stand Vintage Ladder

 8. Paint it pale green and let your plants stand out

Pastel Green  Pot Ladder Stand

9. Arrange Pots on the Ladder Stand by size

Beautiful Ladder Plant Stand

 10. Add White Pebbles between the Pots

Ladder Plant Stand with Round Pots and White Pebbles

11. Use Pale Aqua Hues for a Spring Garden Look

Houseplants on an Aqua Ladder Plant Stand


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