7 DIY Halloween Wreaths

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7 Halloween Wreaths with Tutorials

Halloween is near and I am sure you are thinking about a really unique (and scary) wreath for your front door.

But you want something that is easy to make, not very expensive and with a haunty feeling.

How about using an old laundry basket for your wreath? Sounds intriguing?

So keep reading!

I have chosen 7 Halloween Wreaths for you, and guess what? They all have step-by-step tutorials. Yeah!

1. The Scary Owl Halloween Wreath

DIY Scary Owl Halloween Wreath
Rose used an old twig wreath for her Owl.
Get the tutorial here

2. The Candy Corn Halloween Wreath

DIY Candy Corn Halloween Wreath
 Such a lovely color combination
Get the tutorial here

3. Yarn Pumpkin Halloween Wreath

DIY Yarn Ball Pumpkin Halloween Wreath
If you are a yarn addict like me, then this is the ideal wreath for you
Get the tutorial here

4. The Minimal Halloween Wreath

DIY Minimal Halloween Wreath with Felt
If you want something minimal, use felt in bright orange color
Get the tutorial here

5. The Chevron Halloween Wreath

DIY Chevron Halloween Wreath
So easy to make, yet so pretty
Get the tutorial here

6. DIY Witch Crash Halloween Wreath

DIY Witch Crash Halloween Wreath
Not just a wreath, for this one you will have to use an old laundry basket
Get the tutorial here

7. The Pinecone Monster Halloween Wreath

DIY Pinecone Monster Halloween Wreath
Linda used Pinecones and Green Spray Paint for her Halloween Wreath
Get the tutorial here



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