9 Organizing Ideas for your Craft Supplies

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Do you like crafting, sewing or jewelry making? Do you spend hours searching in stores for the perfect beads, threads, fabrics and patterned papers? Do you rush afterwards home with your new supplies and your mind full with creative ideas? Do you order online and then anxiously wait for your package to arrive? 

But where do you keep all these pretty little things? 

Is your crafting room filled with boxes? Do you find yourself wonder where are those cute flowered patterned fabrics that you bought two months ago? Do you spend your precious time on trying to find where everything is? 

No more time to waste, let’s get organized! 

Craft Room Organization Idea

1. Jars 

Use empty jars as storage. It is an inexpensive solution since you can buy them in any store (try to find them in bulk) or use the empty ones you keep at home. 

All your little beads and buttons, from now on, will be found at a glance! 

Organize Buttons in Jars

Jars can be used for your yarns too. 

Just make a small hole in the lid and you will never have a yarn-mess again. 

Organize Yarn Balls in Jars

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