5+ Things to declutter in just one week time

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Do you feel that clutter is taking over your home and your life?

Do you waste a great amount of time in cleaning your home, while you wish for quality time with your family?

Do you want to get organized but cannot figure out where to start?

Would like to feel better just in one week time?

Keep Reading!

Take a minute and think about your stuff. Until now, you couldn't decide on throwing them away because: there was no time for decluttering or they are hiding "somewhere" in the house or you keep them around "just in case".

All you have to do is take the first step.

Here is a list of 5 spots you can declutter just in seven days

1. Spices and Herbs 

Empty your pantry of herbs and spices and clean it. Check the expiring dates of products. Tosh everything out of date. Clean the containers. If you keep spices or herbs in many different kitchen spots, now is the time to stock them up together, in the same pantry. 
Plastic packages can be put in a basket or a plastic container, so your pantry will not mess around. Note down anything you might miss and add it in your shopping list.

More organizing: make a list of everything, include expire dates and stick it inside your pantry door.

2. Magazines and Newspapers

Do you need everything? Certainly not. During commercial breaks, you can take a last glance and tear off the pages you actually need. It's easier than it sounds! Set a goal to recycle this month at least as many as a shopping bag can hold.

More organizing: do you keep fashion or decoration magazines etc. more than three years? Well, their content is out of fashion by now. Recycle them!

3. Clothes and shoes

Collect ONE shopping bag of overweared clothes and shoes that you no longer need (and no longer wear, since they are in bad condition). They are taking over your storage space and there is no reason to keep them more. Get rid of them!

More organizing: tosh away ONE more shopping bag with worn scarves, hats, scarfs and socks. They are not getting any newer while stacked in your closet. 

4. Shampoos and shower gels

How many plastic bottles are lying around your bathroom? No, we are not going to throw them away! Our goal here is to use what we already have. For the next month, just don't buy any new products, unless you actually need it!

More organizing: Check your stock in hair conditioners and body creams. Will you actually need anything for the next month or more?

5. Useless Email

Now is the time to get rid of all the useless last year's messages from your inbox. We are referring to all those notifications about super deals and sales, those from Facebook, Twitter etc. and of course your junk mail folder. Don't forget to empty your trash folder at the end!

More organizing: Take a look at your desktop. Is it full of files and folders? When was the last time you emptied your recycle bin?

Share your accomplishments.

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