21 Stunning Garden Shed Designs

Are you one of us that want a personal space full with calmness? 
A home office maybe, but not in just four walls? 
A place in nature, like in a quiet garden?
Have you ever thought of a garden shed?
Over the last decade, sheds have just rocketed to the top of our dream home wish list.
Beautifully designed spaces packed with twinkling fairy lights, plush upcycled furniture and pastel coloured doors, she-sheds are the antithesis of the dark dens of common perception.
So here are 21 Garden Shed Design Ideas to get you inspired!

Glass walls

Light it up

Sleep shed

Carpets galore

Brilliant bunting

Vintage chic

Pastel green

Cozy alcove

Modern chic

White wash allure

Homely nook

Dark green exteriors

Statement doors

More is more

Dining space

Recycled windows

50s collection

Bright lights

Stained glass accents

Panelled windows

Love hearts

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