9 Maximalist Inspiring Decor Ideas for the More is More style trend

Maximalist Decor Style has reinvented itself in the new century.

After many years and millions of texts and videos of "how to get into minimalism" and "how to declutter your home", it seems that we are back at "More is More" but in an organized way this time.

Some experts consider the return of the Maximalism trend as an inevitable birth, as a result of the modern era hippies that called themselves New Bohemians and now they have growned up into maturity.

So if you want to experiment with the Maximalist Decor Trend, here are a few ideas to get you started!

More is more, even on the floor. 

Geometrical patterns that appear through carefully placed tiles, create a unique result. Floor is transforming into an art gallery.

Colorful carpets becoming a statement, not just a useful object.

Gallery walls, displaying mix&match collections, not with an order we were used to see as far as now. 

It's all about hanging it all up there!

Wallpapers are back and are here to stay. 

Bold motifs, oversized, inspired by nature.

If you want to go into two-toned style, go big. 

Big eclectic sofa, bold colors. 

More is more, as always in Maximalism.

The ceiling is not just the roof over your head.

That chandelier you always wanted? 

It is an obligatory item in your new Maximalist Decor!

Do you want more? 

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