19 Teenager Girls Bedroom Ideas your daughter will adore

When it comes to teen girls and their bedrooms, one has to keep in mind that it is more than just a space to sleep at night. Teenagers tend to need "their own space", not just a room with a bed. 

Young ladies want a space that reflects their new style, according to modern trends, with a more mature look than the bedroom of their childhood era. They still love their toys, especially beloved stuffed animals and want to keep them around.

So if you are facing the problem of how to turn a toddler's room into a teen room, here are 19 Teen Girl's Bedroom Ideas to inspire you!

Paint the walls with pale pink or pastel hues. A teen girl will fill the entire wall with everything that inspire her, from framed quotes to star wall stickers ans colorful string lights.  So let her wall be an empty canvas, she will love you for that.

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No matter how big or small the room is, there is an affordable solution for adding desk and shelves and create the ideal workspace for your teenager. 

After all, she is a student with a lot of homework!

Keep in mind that you are creating a space that is restful and stress free. So keep it simple when you are matching bold colors or patterns.

And of course, there is the vanity space. Yes, you may still consider your daughter as a little angel, but she is a young lady now that needs her personal make-up spot.  

And what about all her new clothes? Do you remember yourself as a teenager and the struggle with your look? Yes, that happens to every teenager.  

Use a rack and plain cabinets. After all, even when there is a closet in the room, you know that all the clothes will be hanging around! So give your young lady her personal rack, feeling like she has a fashion store in her own bedroom!

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