5 tips on how to be more productive while working from home

You have just started working from home and you are searching for advice on how to "get the job done". This is your first time on "remote office work" and probably you are, like thousands of us, in "self - isolation" mode. It is perfectly normal to face difficulties, have your mind constantly on your kids and their whereabouts (or your spouse, parents etc.) and at the same time in a repeated search of what is going on in the world.

But you have to stay focused and successfully accomplish your daily work tasks.

So here are 5 tips that will make your working hours from home more productive!

1. Get up and get dressed

Although it seems really tempting to stay in your pajamas, say no before it is too late. Your mindset will turn from home-time to work-time the moment you look yourself in the mirror, dressed up and ready to start your day. Formal look or sporty chic look, it all depends on your personal style and work needs. Don't forget that during working hours, you might have to attend a call or a meeting through web camera. You have to look like a pro, even if you are working from your kitchen table.

2. Set boundaries

Working from home doesn't mean "I am available all day long". So set a schedule with your family members on possible interruptions during your working hours. Same stands for your friends too, no, they cannot call you or asking you to participate in morning coffee meetings through Skype. You are working, even if this time you are not in the office.

3. Social media distancing

Again, this is your working schedule, you have tasks to complete. If social media interactions are not part of your job, stay away from scrolling through new posts on Facebook, new photos on Instagram or even worst, all those new videos on TikTok. Just because your boss is miles away, that doesn't mean that you are free to act like it is the weekend. Remember, you are a pro, just get the job done. 

4. Make a real call with a colleague 

You are working alone, no boss and no colleagues around. You have nobody to talk to, nobody to actually smile and say good morning. Although you are in contact through web apps constantly with your team, chances are you will probably speak not a single word for hours. So during lunch break, pick up the phone and make one call, just to have a real conversation. It will help both of you to feel less alone and isolated.

5. Take a break

A thing that is missing from your life right now, is the amount of time that needed for you to return home. You don't have to drive home from work, or get into a bus, a train, the tube, the underground etc. All you have to do is walk from one room to another. That means that your mind doesn't have the time (that used to have) to switch from work-time to home-time. So when you finish work, give yourself a break. Switch off your computer and just lay back for ten minutes. Take a few deep breaths and let your brain ease and relax. Stand up and stretch a bit, work is over for today.

Extra tip

If you are feeling overwhelmed in your home or you get triggers that something is not working right and you are into spirituality, then you can read 7 Ways to Clear Bad Energy from your Home
Negative energy that lingers around, certainly will not give you any good vibes and we all know how well we need extra energy boost these days. 

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